April 30th, 2003

@ work
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Happy keeper

So, this is day one of keeper usage (been 51 days since my last period, so I've been just waiting to get to use this), and so far no leaks. I was a bit concerned how easy it would be emptying and reinserting in the bathroom at work . . much more so that I thought. I used the suggestion of taking a couple damp paper towels in with me (for wiping out the keeper and basically to clean up any mess that might happen). I hope this satisfaction doesn't change because I'm really sick of using tampons.
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o yea?

why hello there

hello fellow keeper-users, some thoughts/questions:

when i read a lot of what ppl say about taking it out, they say to squeeze the sides (and even when inserting you fold it up). i'm wondering, when you girls do this, do you usallly squeeze the right and left sides (think, the sides where your ears are), or front and back (think belly and back). does that make sense? hard to explain ... i guess what i'm asking is, do you insert/remove right to left, or front to back? i'm inexperienced but i'm thinking it feels better to squeeze your fingers on front/back and insert right to left. (try to visualize it!)

a concern i have is how long you can keep it in. i almost tempted to leave it in for 24hrs, do you think that's bad? maybe i should ask a medical professional, but i'm just wondering. i'm used to tampons where you should change them every 8hrs or so.

and a suggestion i guess for the community ... i don't know who's in charge, but i think it'd be a good idea to sort post in memories, as it seems the same questions are asked a lot.