April 29th, 2003

i'm on fire

Miss Scarlet

Menstrual projects update
I am going to be putting up the web site soon for Miss Scarlet, the tentative name of this project. I'm also accepting submissions for the zine (art and text) and I will get the sewing/fabric donation stuff arranged as soon as possible.
I also wanted to say that I used my first hand-knitted pad this month. There is an old Norwegian one at http//www.mum.org.
I used worsted weight cotton (sugar and creme) and knit 2 pads in stockinette and sewed them together for a thicker pad. Size 5 needles. I think a 1 ply could be used to line another pad or for a liner. I seem to do okay without fasteners, but I think it would be cool if someone with more knitting prowess could design (or help me design) a knitted pad with some sort of fastener. I choose stockinette because I think it feels nicer against the skin, but I'm sure even garter stitch would work. It certianly feels better than a piece of plasticy junk. I will post a picture as soon as I can.
Will cross post to my journal, menstrual_hut, knitting, and the_keeper.

Under Pressure.

I loooove my Keeper - on my third month now - and have only one complaint: it puts pressure on my bladder. I have noticed this particularly at night, when I wake up needing to pee. And the whole peeing process takes *forever* longer than normal. It's kind of annoying, especially when it's 3 a.m. and you want to get back to sleep!

Anyone else had this?

Cramps in the Hand

I know the website does a decent job of explaining how to remove your Keeper without stretching you out to the consistency of a trash bag, but try as I might I can not seem to refold it to remove it. I always end up hurting myself trying to get it out. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Is it better to stand up? When I do that though it seems to push the Keeper up to where it's hard to reach. I cut my stem all the way off because it was poking out. So I sit on the toliet (to catch spillage), push down, and with my legs spread reach my hand down and up to try to grab it. But my hand ALWAYS cramps up really badly. Usually I feel a sharp pain right in the middle of my palm. Maybe it's early signs of arthretis (sp?)? I'm only 23 but I'm getting carpal tunnel from working on a computer all day. Does anyone else get this pain? And I can never grab it high enough to fold it in on itself. Meanwhile I'm squeezing it so hard all the goo comes spilling out all over my hands (ewwwwh ;)). I want to change it more often but it's so difficult I always wait until I come home from work. The gross thing is I usually end up overfilling the cup by then.