April 22nd, 2003

chemo cat: somethingpositive.com


HI!! i just joined this community! my name is casey and i'm 23 and i love my keeper :) i had used pads from age 11 (started on my 11th birthday) til a year ago, all except 2 times when i wanted to swim so tampons were all i knew. until last year! when someone said "wow, these Instead things are nifty!" and i tried those for a few cycles but...nah, not very reliable..couldn't ever 'forget' it was in there and it kept slipping down even though i'm sure i had it in right. THEN i found about the Keeper and pondered purchasing it for quite awhile. finally, in february, i bought one. and for the past 2 cycles, i've been LOVING IT! i love it. i hug it. i kiss it. well, maybe not kissing and hugging it. however... Collapse )

anyone do anything interesting with their menstrual blood besides flush it down the toilet?
just wondering.

ok..cheers everyone and thanks to whoever started this community :-D