April 3rd, 2003


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Hi everyone,

having just finished the zine (link in my profile) I am left with a big badass stapler, and I still don't have a full time job, at least for another week or so. So anyway, I was brainstorming what sort of booklets I could make with my humungo stapler and I decided that I'd really like to distribute some information about alternative menstrual products to middle schoolers and high schools (maybe even colleges and women's shelters? The possibilities are endless).
Well, I want to make a little brochure and I REALLY need some help writing up copy, a FAQ, gathering quotes about the keeper, cloth pads, sea sponges, etc. This is going to be challenging because we have to combat the "Yuck!" I would also really like it if some visual artists did some cartoons, etc.
I know someone at Planned Parenthood here, and once the project is underway I'm going to try to contact her about possibly giving them away when they go into area schools. One thing I think would make this project stand out and possibly work really well is if we could, like the big corporations, include sample cloth pads with each brochure. And maybe sea sponges if we could get them extremely cheap? This would take a lot of cuntpower, time, donated fabric, etc, but I think we can do it. So, if you'd like to help, here are the different things that I'm going to need to get this underway:

-support! kind words help a lot
-volunteers to make pads
-sea sponge donations
-donations of fabric--flannel, jersey knit, fleece
-anyone with free/extremely cheap access to photocopying, that would help immensely.
-volunteers to help distribute in your local schools, etc.

Please email me at arcadiawilde@yahoo.com with feedback or your volunteer info. :)