March 15th, 2003

Mr. Lion

Quick Tip!

I found a way to get my Keeper to expand inside of me when rotating it several times doesn't work. All I do is reach a finger in my vagina alongside the Keeper, and break the suction for a second. After that it expands! It's a little messier (ahem) than just rotating the bottom, but it works quickly and easily (at least for me)!

'Tis all. Have a Happy Saturday!

Emily Porch

Keeper vs. Moon Cup

Hi fellow Keeper lovers!

Here's a little poll, just out of my curiosity. I've been considering trading in my Keeper for a Moon Cup because of mild itchiness from the latex. Your votes will be greatly appreciated! If you'd like to state WHY you like one menstrual cup versus the other, that'd be wonderful, too!

Poll #113056 Keeper vs. Moon Cup

Which menstrual cup do you use?

The Keeper
The Moon Cup
I own both!

If you have used both, which do you prefer?

The Keeper
The Moon Cup

Thanks for voting!




YESSS! It's my 4th cycle with my beloved keeper, and i actually think i've gotten to the skill level of using it where:

she doesn't leak!!

Eeeee!! ^_^

I had bought cloth pads after my first cycle with it, because i found that i actually needed to use a pad just to take care of leaking (which, ya know, kind of defeated the purpose for the whole environmental factors, etc ^_~). But this time around, i dunno, it's just super-sealed or something, no leaks at all. DAMN i'm good ^_^ But yeah, i'm still wearing my thinest cloth pads, just cuz ... i'm paranoid. Heehee ... d'oh. Just thought i'd share my excitement. I LOVE MY KEEPER!
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