March 11th, 2003

Pony Ears
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A long time ago someone here reported successfully swimming with the Keeper. That was good news to hear.

I'd like to let everyone know that I've now gone horseback riding a few times with the Keeper and experienced no problems. I put off wearing it while riding because if I ended up in a situation where the tab was poking me and it hurt, there would be nothing I could do about it for an hour. I happy to report that no such thing happened.

hmmm ...

just wondering something.

i've heard it's good for your houseplants if you use the water from soaking your cloth menstrual pads to water them with.

SO ...

can i mix the liquidy contents of my keeper with some water and feed that to my houseplants? Or would that be like, too much nitrogen or whatever and kill them? They, ah, could really use a nutritional boost, and i'll be using my keeper in a couple of days, soooo ... anyone done that before? ^_^
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