March 4th, 2003



Hi - just joined. I've just started using my Mooncup for the first time, and I'm having a bit of trouble. It's easy to get in, I can't feel it at all once it's in, and it doesn't leak at all, even overnight. In all these respects, I absolutely love it.

I'm having real trouble getting it out, though - it seems to go up quite high of its own accord, and even when I've released the seal, I have to push like crazy to get it back down so I can reach the stem, and then have a real battle getting a grip on the base of the cup to remove it. Every time I relax, it gets sucked back up again and I have to start over! There seems to be a knack to it - a couple of times I've managed to get it out perfectly effortlessly, just as the web-site describes, but the rest of the time my muscles don't seem to want to let it go!

Is this a fairly common experience at the start? Will it get easier? Please, someone tell me it'll get easier...!!