February 19th, 2003

  • umiri

So... the test

So... I'm in the hut (menstrual hut - period that is). I only got to try the keeper on my light days last time since it came after the first three days of my period. So I finally got to put it to the test.
I'm a bit disappointed to say that I did have some light spotting (it can very well be the blood that was there before the keeper was in... since I do a lot of the time, literally flow). Also, when I went to sleep and woke up early this morning I found streaks of blood on my undies. But that is probably because the cup was completely full.
So on the first few days of my period, I will wear pantyliner (especially at night). It's not such a big deal to me... and over all I am still in love with the keeper. :P
I also read posts here that said if you wear your keeper lower, the leaking might stop. Is that so low that you can feel it? In general I found that I like wearing it higher like a tampon because I virtually just can't feel a thing. Hrm.