February 18th, 2003


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I'll be crossposting this in the keeper community as well as vaginapagina, sorry about that :)

My period has arrived and my new Keeper and I are getting to know each other. Things are going pretty well and I'm all excited about it, but a couple questions have arisen...

One: I am not sure how to tell when the seal happens and when it gets broken. I do everything that's supposed to make a seal (sometimes I get cramps for a few minutes after doing that - why might that be?) and most blood goes into the cup properly, but there's some very minor leakage no matter what (sometimes not even enough to end up on the panty liner - just on my inner labia, I get blood on my fingers when I check, and sometimes a very very tiny trace on the liner. So I'm not sure I'm sealing it right. I'm pretty sure it's an appropriate size.

Also, maybe I'm paranoid, but it occured to me that wearing the Keeper all day might be rough on my vagina - I got worried about trapping all that heat and moisture and not getting any air flow. Is that dangerous or anything? I'm prone to the yeasties and just got over BV so I'm a little jumpy about that sort of thing right now.

I'm wearing a Gladrag to bed - I'll go back to fiddling with the Keeper in the morning. :)
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i ordered my keeper and received it yesterday.
so far i have not been able to get it in. yesterday i tried with just wetting it and i could get it in about halfway and it hurt so bad.
today i got some lubericant and it was nearly impossible to fold it because it was so slippery. but once i did i could get it in about halfway and i couldn't push it in anymore because it hurt SO much. i have a vibrator that is about the width of the keeper when it is folded and that goes in pretty alright (not the best but alright). i think the problem is that the keeper is not smooth all around. it just feels like it will NOT go in all the way no matter how much i push because it HURTS, lube and all. am i too small for it? does anyone have any suggestions?