February 16th, 2003

Nighttime leakage question

I'm experiencing my first period with my keeper, loving it so far! It hasn't leaked at all except this morning. I had it in last night, emptied it right before I went to sleep. I slept, at a guess for about 8 hours. Yesterday I'd been emptying my keeper about every 6 hours and it was about half full. I had in mind that it might be full after having slept for so long, so I got up, and sure enough, leaking down my legs... luckily I sleep nude, so no stained PJs for me. So then when I went to empty it, it was half full! My period is a pretty consistent flow, I don't really have "heavy" and "light" days, except for the last day or two when it becomes more of a dribble than a flow. So I don't think it's that I've gotten into a heavy day... What happened? Any ideas?