February 14th, 2003

Emily Porch
  • xemcats

Riding Up

Hello all! I got The Keeper for my birthday, January 25, and today marks the start of my first period since then. I was able to insert it fine, and the cup expanded perfectly on the first try. So far, no leaking! My only concern is that my Keeper rides up pretty high. When I first inserted it, the bottom of the cup was right inside my vaginal opening and the stem stuck out all the way (as in no part of the stem was inside me). It's been about 45 minutes or so, and I checked on it and now it has ridden up and the stem is all the way inside my vagina.

I'm not worried about getting it out since I've used Instead and am used to feeling around and maneuvering and etc (LOL!) , but I'm worried that because it's riding up, that that means it isn't in right or that there's more of a chance of leakage like this.

So, where exactly is the CUP supposed to be? Right inside my vaginal opening, or up higher?

Thanks guys!
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