February 7th, 2003


Keeper vs. Instead??

I tried Instead when it first came out, and couldn't find a way to use it... it seemed as though it were too big for me, I couldn't get it to insert the whole way, much less open up entirely.

I don't think my opening is too small. (It's not as though I'm totally inexperienced, so that shouldn't be a problem.) And I'm fairly familiar with body, so that shouldn't've been it either. More like it didn't have enough room lengthwise to get in, nor to open up once it was in.

What the point is... is has anyone else had this problem, and found the Keeper to be better for them? Or would it be senseless for me to get a Keeper, knowing this was a problem with Instead?
Calvin Tiger

Is getting a Mooncup worth it if I have the Keeper?

I'm very tempted to try out Mooncup - I love my Keeper, but the only think I *don't* like about it is the latex smell upon removal (though that's getting better with time). I'm wondering if the silicone would be friendlier to my body too - rubber does make me itch a little (though it's better than the chafing I'd get from pads and even tampons!).

I'm wondering if the $44 for the Mooncup would be a silly waste...any thoughts on this? I seem to remember we have people here who have used Mooncup.