January 14th, 2003


(no subject)

I got my keeper in the mail last thursay and was so excited! I'm going on a trip (tomorrow) and was worried it wouldn't come until after i came back. Unfortunately, i'm going to be having my period during my trip, but now it is going to be so cool, trying out the keeper. So far (second day trying it) its worked great, and I absolutely love it! I'm so glad i'm not going to be having to deal with pads and tampons. I'm travelling with my boyfriend, so this makes everything so much more bearable, and less to pack! I'm feeling so optimistic, its so unlike me when i'm usually menstruating.

Anyway, I just remembered I should join this group, since i check it regularly enough, and now am part of the club. :D

Um, i guess i should throw in a question anyway. Umm..

I noticed that its a lot easier to insert the keeper with the folded side (not the side with the two sides together, the side with the big bend, if that makes any sense) of the keeper facing the side of the vagina closest to your belly button. Has anyone else found this to be the case? (if you understood what i was trying to say)

Anyway, glad to be aboard. I'll let you gals know if i need any advice. thanks for being here to ask.