January 6th, 2003

mermaid with WINGS!
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first time keeper user

i got my keeper at the beginning of december. i started my period christmas eve. i've used instead before, but i had problems inserting it. i just used my old protection for the rest of my december period. i'm 16 and a virgin. i have the B size. i'm pretty small, is there any way for me to stretch the skin or something so i can get it in? any tips?

Keeper Success

My keeper arrived just in time for the last two days of my period, so I got to put it to the test! The first day I had a little leakage, but that may have been the stuff that was in there before I put the keeper in. The second day everything was great - I didn't even need a pantyliner!

I've trimmed the stem about halfway, but I'm thinking about trimming it a little bit more once I'm more comfortable getting it out. So far so good. After only two days of use I'm never going back to anything else!
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