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Possible availability of Lunette Selene in the US

I haven't seen this posted here before, so in case anyone else wants to know, I emailed Lunette to ask about the possibility of getting the Selene as well as the regular (clear) Lunette in the US. (Why, yes, blue *is* my favorite color. Man, if I'd known cups came in other colors before I bought the Diva...) Anyway, this was the response I got:

Right now we only have FDA clearance to sell the clear cup in the US, but we are in the process of filing to sell the Selene as well. I estimate the time frame to be only a few months. When new things happen, we post it on our FaceBook page, Twitter and our website. You might want to keep your eye out since we will most definitely make an announcement when we can sell the Selene.

That sounds pretty promising, wouldn't you say?
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