lyslys419 (lyslys419) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Losing suction

Hi all.

I've been a happy user of a large Diva and large Lady Cup for nine months. Sure, I had crazy heavy flow issues early on, but that has been corrected and things are much more manageable.

Now I'm having a new problem. I'm losing suction every time I go to the bathroom. After I put my cup in, I can lie down, sit down, get up, walk around - all with no leaks - so I know my seal is good then. But the moment I sit on the toilet to pee, the suction breaks, I feel bubbles and blood dribbles out. There's blood in the cup, but I can't quite tell if it's too full because it's uncomfortable for me to take it out without tilting it or folding it in some way. There's not a huge amount of blood in the toilet.

Before I had surgery, the fibroid I had made by uterus wonky so I never could find my cervix during my period. My gyn had trouble finding it during my last Pap smear earlier this year. Today I found it. It's not super low or anything, but it's definitely not high either. Still, both cups seem a little long for me this month.

Suggestions anyone?
Tags: seal & suction
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