jaggednib (jaggednib) wrote in menstrual_cups,


What was your first cup? What troubles did you have with it that made you want to change cups? What cup do you have now that you love?

I have 3 children, and I always assumed I had a long vagina, so I bought myself a Diva Cup 2. After reading LOTS of info from this community, watching a few of Melissa's videos and mapping out my vag, I've come to realize that my vagina is not nearly as long as I thought it was.
I bought my sister a Diva 1 for christmas because I assume we have similar vaginas(even though she's never had kids) and when I was comparing the large and the small, it didn't look like there was THAT much of a difference.
In any case, I'm looking to buy a new cup. I'm just curious about those who initially bought a cup and realized it wasn't for them, and then switched.
Tags: brand comparisons
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