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First time use, question about urge to pee

I have been watching this community for a long time. I've wanted to get a cup, but I've been troubled by the idea -- reading all your posts has really helped me get used to the idea. Thank you.

So I took the plunge and bought a DivaCup. I got it Saturday and boiled it as per the instructions. I had thought about doing a dry run with it, but didn't because I was worried that if it hurt or was difficult that I would never try it for real. My cycle started last night, so after refreshing my memory with all the different folds, I tried it. I used a C-fold, held my breath and -- it went right in and popped open. I couldn't feel it inside me at all. I tried a couple of kegels and it felt vaguely squishy, but I had no sense of something actually being there. It was no problem at all. I wore it all night, with no leaks or anything, removed it this morning, again with no problem, emptied it, rinsed it and reinserted it. I had to twist it a bit to open it this morning, it didn't pop open the way it did last night, but even that was easy.

I'm astonished at how easy it is. I wasn't planning on wearing it to work today, but if I don't get any leaks before I head out, I probably will. It's very comfortable and clean, without the weird sticky, dry feeling I get from tampons.

I do feel some pressure against the front wall of my vagina, and I'm worried about getting a UTI (I get them frequently). I also feel a more frequent urge to pee. I'm being careful to wash my hands and to urinate after inserting it, and I'm taking cranberry supplements (I take them by the fistful every time I have sex, and they are very helpful in preventing my UTIs). I'm hoping that small problem will resolve itself as I get used to it.

I do have a question: Do you think this more frequent urge to pee will go away? It's not uncomfortable, but it's bothersome. It's exactly like when I have a UTI and constantly feel like I need to use the bathroom, only it's not painful the way a UTI is.
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