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Another comparison post: my new small Fleur vs. old small Diva

I have used the Diva (size small) off and on for a couple years now, and recently went back to using it more regularly. However, after day 2 of my period, the Diva won't fit inside me anymore- the entire stem and most of the grip rings on the base stick out beyond my vag. So, I started looking for a cup that would fit better, but still accommodate my very heavy flow. Based on the size chart on this site, I thought either the large or small Fleurcup or Lunette would be a good choice, so I ordered a small Fleurcup and a large Lunette.

Background: I am a 28 yr old not-a-virgin but very limited sexual experience, and it has been 4-5 years since I've had PIV sex. I got the impression that I may be small, since my partner was small for a man but felt quite large to me internally. I have heavy flow, usually requiring changing super plus (or ultra, if I can find them) tampons every 4 hr or so.

So I ordered a small Fleurcup from Leastore and large Lunette (hasn't arrived yet) from I'll post more comparison and photos when the Lunette arrives (Hooray for FDA approval!) First of all, I want to say how great Leastore is- I ordered on Saturday night around midnight, Sunday I got an email confirming my order, and it arrived in my mailbox yesterday (Thursday). That's Finland to the southeastern USA in 4 days!

Immediately I noticed that the fleurcup was a lot stiffer than the Diva, and that changes the fold I used to insert it, as you'll see in the photos below. I am doing a dry run right now, and it feels ok internally, but the stem is sticking out a bit, which is bothersome- I will probably trim it, but I'll wait for my actual period to make that decision. The fleurcup popped open with no prob, much faster than the Diva does. Ok now for the photos:

Mailing package
Discreet packaging (pink sticky note inserted to cover my address)

Customs tag
The only hint of what is actually inside is on the customs declaration- "Sanitary Product"

Here's what was inside the package:

inside packaging
The package is a zip-top style bag.

separated out

Inside the booklet

Now for the good stuff: Comparing the Diva and Fleur

Diva and Fleur on baggies

side by side
note- the blue velvet background is is a small bag, but does not go with any cup. Also, the Diva stem is partially trimmed.

end on

ends together

length difference
The fleur is significantly shorter than the Diva, and I can't wait to trim the stem!

punchdown 1 Punchdown 2
Both of these are the punchdown fold viewed from the end. Normally I use the Punchdown fold for the Diva. The stiffer fleurcup makes it harder to fold as small as the diva using this fold. However, this problem is addressed by using the origami fold, seen below end-on.

Origami 1 Origami 2

In the bag

OK hope this helps someone else out there making decisions about which cup to buy- I'll post more when the Large Lunette arrives.
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