ialreadyhaveit (ialreadyhaveit) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cycle 2

Well, I'm feeling much more confident now! I've already put inserted my Diva, and removed it without too much trauma (I def need to clip my nails though! lol)
I felt like I was starting, which is usually nothing to run to the bathroom over, but when I did make it, A HUGE STAIN from the center of my crotch to my butt on my light blue colored pants :(...at work ><

Crazy thing though, there was all this THICK mucus for some reason. All over my undies (which happens to be a thong D:). I wasn't sure if I had my cup in place, so I took it back out, and a TON of it was all over the inside of it. This is my first cycle off of BCP, in 4 years and it's been 38 days since my last one, so I wonder if this stuff is a by product?

So anyway, all this just to say I think Diva and I are going to have an interesting next few days!lol!

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