Jamie (xaandria) wrote in menstrual_cups,

LilacCup vs DivaCup

My LilacCups came in the mail today. :D I ordered from from the LadyCup eBay store about two weeks ago. They're so pretty and purple. ^_^ The small is weensy, but I think it'll be just what I need for my light days; my small Diva never filled past the 7.5mL line even when left in for 12 hours.

Because I had been searching for pictures of side-by-side size comparisons of the Diva and Ladycups and never found them (just big group shots) I decided to contribute one. :)

From left to right: Large LilacCup, Size 1 Diva (stem partially clipped), Small LilacCup
Tags: coloured lady cups, diagrams & pictures, divacup, lady cup, sizes/size issues

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