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Itsy Bitsy Cups and Heavy Flows?

Okay, so I'm small... perhaps more accurately: absolutely and utterly tiny. I knew this going in so I found the smallest cup on the market to order and got the after-childbirth size. It was a Meluna Medium Ball end and the rim was too big. It was actually painful to wear... I contacted them and they sent me out a small to replace it (thank goodness!).

I tried it on my first day of this cycle and leaked pretty much constantly, no matter how often I changed. I gave up, figuring I must have been doing something wrong and tried again on day 2. Still had leaking problems which were resolved when I realized I had to change hourly. Day 3 I got up to 3 hours between, more likely 1.5 hours (does flow usually vary like that during the day?) and today I think I'm more towards 2-2.5 hours but the cycle is almost done.

I know its capacity cause the darn thing is always full or nearly full when I take it out. It does have this annoying habit of tilting to the side a bit after I move around a lot which is decreasing the capacity further. It is only 11mL to start so I'm not surprised in the slightest!

Now, the reason I went with a cup so I wouldn't have to drag my cloth pads to and from work. As long as I change often enough I am getting what I wanted with the small Meluna. However, I'd really like to not have to change so much. So I'm wondering a few things... Maybe those of you who have gotten through these issues would be able to help...

Firstly, any guesses as to if the medium meluna hurt because of the size of the rim or the lack of flexibility (it is VERY stiff compared to the small)? Or could it have just been too long (and bumping up against my cervix?) It did just barely fit in there... The pain/cramping was in my lower back and it'd resolve as soon as I removed the cup and come back approx 15 minutes after reinsertion.

Secondly, can the stems on all brands of cups be trimmed completely off? I'm going by the measurement charts on wikipedia and I know 5.2cm is like the absolute max length that will fit (because that's what the medium meluna is and even then I could have used something a bit shorter - the small meluna is just right at 4.6cm). That leaves me with the Fleurcup and Lunette... small for best length (twice the capacity of the small meluna), large for best capacity (3x the small meluna) but possibly not a great fit (per question #1). If I really want to push it I might manage the large lady cup which I've heard is very squishy but I'd only get 2x the capacity.

Help! WWYD?
Tags: lunette, meluna, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming

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