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Switched from Diva to Fleur... New Issues

Hi, I have a concern resulting from switching from a Sm Divacup to a L Fleurcup and would love to read your responses. My flow is fairly heavy. During the first 3 days, I changed tampons every 1 to 3 hrs and changed the Diva every 3 to 4 depending on the day. This was all fine and good, but I had horrible cramps etc. You all know the headaches and the "my spine isn't solid" feeling. After using the Diva a number of months I realized every period with it was registering really high on my menstrual pain scale. I developed the theory that the Diva was chaffing my cervix. So, I procured a L Fleurcup. My cervix is low and way over to the left (it's kind of a cavern). The diva was forced to tilt naturally since its so long, but I learned to tilt the fleur solving my slight leak problem.

Okay, here's my question: I thought my L fleur would need to be emptied less often than my Sm Diva (all measurements I did with water and the size charts indicate that.. the holes are really high) however, if I do not empty my fleur right at hour 3, I leak a drenching downpour of red. I am pretty sure this is overflow. I think I may have started bleeding faster after switching cups (my 3rd & 4th day seem significantly lighter). Did relieving my cervix of the Divacup and tampon chaffing cause me to bleed more quickly? My last 2 periods were the least painful I have ever had, I really want to trust my Fleur. As anyone had a similar experience or have any other theories? Thanks.

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