wickedhelga (wickedhelga) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup destash

I've collected my fair share of cups during the last years and I think it's time to let go the ones that just don't work for me, so, if you are interested in getting a slightly used cup or just want one to add to you collection and never use it (as in "this is the one I keep for demonstration purposes" hehe) this is your chance. I'm just asking US$5.00 for each one to cover shipping and such (I'm willing to send to anywhere in the world), and I would like for each to go to different people...

1 Small Keeper (rubber): I found it very comfortable but needed something with more capacity for my heavy flow. The stem is completely gone, my cervix is too low and I just couldn't stand it. (Used it for about 7 cycles)

1 Small Keeper Moon cup (silicone): I got this because I was curious about the material but in the end I didn't like it , apparently the outer surface got some scratches from my fingernails during the cycle I used it. The stem is also completely gone. (Used it for 2 cycles) TAKEN

1 Small MeLuna (blue, ball stem): after using the Medium MeLuna I realized that the small one would be way too small for me. This cup has NEVER been used. TAKEN

All the cups have been taken. Thanks!
Tags: keeper, keeper moon cup, meluna
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