a creature native and indued unto that element (a_renunciation) wrote in menstrual_cups,
a creature native and indued unto that element

DivaCup Concern

I've been using a DivaCup for my last three cycles and up until this present cycle, it has been fantastic.

At first it almost felt a little too large for me (I'm using the size 1) but after a few insertions it started to get more comfortable. My last cycle went flawlessly, no discomfort, no leaks. To my surprise, this third cycle has been a nightmare: I started bleeding in the middle of the night (unusual for me) and put in the cup, and in the morning I woke up in a puddle of blood. I figured that I must've inserted it awkwardly in my tiredness, and rinsed off and re-inserted it. Before doing so, I made sure the suction holes were all clear, and once it was inside I rotated it to be sure it wasn't still folded. Then about a half-hour later something felt wrong and I realized I was leaking again. I had to go to class so, to be safe, I used one of my left-over pads. That night I tried the cup again, with another pad just to be safe. Sure enough in the middle of the night I could feel it leaking, but I left it alone because the pad was in place. That morning when I went to take out the cup, I was alarmed to find that it had somehow "drifted" really far up inside me and was really difficult to reach and remove. I'm now on day three and still I'm having leakage, though I can't figure out why!

If relevant, I've been under a lot of stress lately and this cycle came much earlier than it was supposed to. Maybe stress causes the vaginal walls to behave in a weird way that affects the cup's efficacy? Is it possible that the cup has "stretched me out" and now I'm too loose for it or something? I can't account for it since I'm not sexually active now and can't understand any other reason why I'd be any wider down there than I was during my last cycle.

Any ideas?
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