sedjemai (sedjeminepu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Ideas, ladies?

So I have been using my DivaCup. I cut off the stem mid cycle last month and well......I love it for the most part. I like that it's slender (well in my opinion in comparison by pictures) as my canal is kinda narrow but it also maintains good length. so the length and width of the cup works, plus I get a heavy flow a few days. I just got a meluna, medium size. I was excited to use it, but I inspected it and it looks........I dunno....cheaply manufactured? And with the few posts with meluna tears and breakage, I'm bummed out and apprehensive in using mine. I would however like a new cup closely similar to the dimensions to my Diva. Or maybe I should stick to the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" school of thought?

Oh I also forgot to ask. I know they say not to use the cup while having a yeast infection. I noticed this last cycle I may have a bartholin cyst on my labia majora, I am guessing but that's what it looks and feels like according to what I've read. As soon as my medical is cleared up I'm going to the doctor but what do you guys think? I dont' have a yeast infection, and everything else seems normal aside from this possible abcess and a lil itching on the outside only. My vaginal canal itself doesn't itch, smell, have bad discharge, etc. You think it's safe to continue the cup use? God forbid I have to use tampons *whimper* I probably won't get things cleared til after xmas sooo...and input would be helpful.
Tags: disabilities & health problems, divacup, meluna
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