sugar_drop21 (sugar_drop21) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I need my stem!!!

Time to break into my secret stash of pads.
I have a MeLua small classic stem and the stem BROKE! while it was in. 'There goes $30 bucks down the tube' I tug on it slightly to get it down to be able to reach the rim of the cup to break the suction. and it just broke right off. I don't think i even tug on it hard enough that it would do that but i guess it did. thankfully i got it out.
What really saddens me is that i just got it, i only used it for 1 and a half cycles. :.( My large ring stem is coming soon i hope, once they get the color out. I REALLY hope it doesn't happen with the large. Because im sorta running outta money haha.

I wish I could use it without the stem but it just isn't possible.
well thanks for letting me sorta vent.
Tags: meluna
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