beautyinmundane (beautyinmundane) wrote in menstrual_cups,

stem tearage and blood flow

So after I finished my last cycle, which was the first one with my meluna M ring stem, I was cleaning my cup and noticed that the thin plastic of the ring stem where the cup meets the stem was starting to tear on one side. I had never pulled it significantly hard, and I was bummed out because I had just gotten it. I emailed them to ask for a replacement since I only used it for one cycle. Seems like the stem should hold up better than it has after six days of continuous use.

The ring stem was great and easy to remove, but if you get one, just be careful with it, as I think they are more fragile than I gave it credit for. I opted for the ball stem on the large I'm waiting to order.

Also, during my period I noticed that after like two or three days there was hardly any blood flow, sometimes my cup would be near empty with just a brownish tan discharge in it...has anyone else noticed that they stop bleeding for long periods of time without being done with their period? The next day I started bleeding again , and could wear the cup for good ten or more hours without coming close to overflow. I guess with pads and tampons I thought we bled continually...maybe also it was just an off thing, and this period will be different. Thoughts?
Tags: first time use, meluna

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