nocturne_wolf (nocturne_wolf) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I can't get it to go in farther! :(

Hello, all. My period started this morning so being excited to have my Lilac Cup, I grabbed it and headed to the bathroom. After putting a pad in place to guard against any leaks, I took my small Lilac Cup and prepared to insert it.

Here's where the problem is. It easily slipped in between the walls. I slowly and gently tried to coax it to go in a bit farther so that it would properly stay in place, but something down there was sending signals to my brain saying "Ow! That hurts!" and preventing me from inserting beyond that point. What did I do wrong and how can I get past this?

Side note: My period never starts full-blown. While the blood flow is there, the area is still dry, at least until tomorrow. Please help! I want to be able to use my cup as soon as possible (and not worry about pad problems while in the gym this week), I know I can't force the cup when my body doesn't want it to go there, but how in the world can I aid my body to get the hang of it? I mean, I'm taking my time and not shoving it or anything, and I try to think of something else to coax my body to relax, but nothing is happening beyond what I've described. HELP!!!
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