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Femmecup review

Hey all,

Just thought I'd post my review as a new cup user on my femmecup. I also took some fun photos (well, they amused me) as I got a new camera for my birthday (woo!)

I had very little trouble inserting the cup MOST of the time, although I think that the large rim on the femmecup made it a little hard sometimes. The fold I used the most was the punchdown (with the punch down) although sometimes it simply didnt want to pop so I had to use the C fold which was far more difficult to insert but easier to pop. I also tried the origami, or at least, as much origami as I could get. I found it difficult to keep folded - maybe I'm doing it wrong. I think if I get another one I will try one with a less pronounced rim and see what difference - if any - it makes.

My biggest issue with the Femme was the stem. I was initially concerned as it has a hollow stem and I wasn't sure about how to clean it properly, but I ended up having to cut it completely off due to bad discomfort. Which is a little sad as the swirly grip mark is very pretty. I trimmed it gradually, over a series of dry runs, but avoided cutting it completely until my actual period as my cervix tends to hide furthur up my vag when period time comes so I was concerned about getting it out. It bothered me a little the thought of getting it stuck and being unable to get it out, and a few times I did have trouble with removal and caused myself a little bit of pain. however, through looking at it with humour, I relaxed enough to be able to deal with the hiccups I had. At one point when I inserted in a hurry it seemed to suction onto the side of my cervix (not sure if this can actually happen, but thats what it seemed like) and it was a case of removing, relaxing, slowing down and trying again.

In terms of the stem, I think if I try another cup I'd like to try a flat tab stem, or maybe a ring/ball stem like the melunas have (thinking about getting a medium meluna next, actually. such nice colours!)

I had minor leaking on the first night - my heaviest overnight bleed - although it was not enough to worry me. I felt the bubbly feeling some have mentioned when I woke up and rushed to the toilet to find a tiny leak and a not-quite-full cup, so I'm not sure if the leak was caused by my position as I woke up breaking the seal, or my position during the night lowering my cervix/shortening my vag so my cervix sat in the cup and taking up some of the capacity.

While I was on my period, I went for a couple of runs, I swam laps, I did my Pool Lifeguard update (involving wierd positions while towing people and being in the water for a few hours running through all the emergency exercises) and I am happy to report no discomfort, no leaks, no water getting into the cup, and no issues at all, in fact.

It's amazing what a cup can do for your emotions and sense of self worth. I had my cup in before my period actually started, in preperation for it. The first time I took it out and saw menstrual fluid, I had this wierd surge of positivity... I felt proud of myself, I felt empowered and I felt strong. It felt like, for the first time, I was more in charge and in touch with my femininty. I know its a little new-agey, but oh well. I'm a feminist, and you can make of that what you will. I can honestly say it felt good to not be dependent on disposable products. I've always hated the throw-away mentality of society today and it's great to find a reusable product I can use for my natural body processes!

I also had my final day at uni during the week, and after class we went for a few beers. I felt so free at not having to worry about when I had to go to the bathroom to change my pad/tampon. I felt so happy in knowing I'd be right until I got home later and being able to just have some drinks and relax.

anyway, enough of my praises, heres some photos for you.

my cup and the liner I got as an apology for the delay in delivery

My cup and the liner I got as an apology for the delay
raptor cup!
my raptor likes to hold my cup :D

comparisons, for science.
Comparisons.... for science, of course.

(the pirate is a shot glass so theres a size comparison for you. The dragon.... well, um... it guards my cup :P)

Also, there's my new icon... my cup, and my Dungeons and Dragons Dice set lol

So yeah. I'll put some more serious photos up if anyone is curious.

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