sugar_drop21 (sugar_drop21) wrote in menstrual_cups,

2 things.

Hello ladies! Its been a while sinse my last post.
1.)While I patiently await my large MeLuna, my small is better than nothing right? well anyway I noticed that residual slobber is not no my list of fun things. I tried to slide my finger around the rim but my pubic bone gets in the way. I end up just wiping away as much as I can with toilet paper, What really helps is getting it wet. Is there any other tips to get this to go away or is this just one of the few downfalls of cups?

2.)My mom is warming up to the idea!! She was worried about me being a virgin and using it (but she doesn't know I am a curious teen if you get my drift) But we were just talking and she brought it up, so i said she should get one. She said she would get the biggest one (which I do not disagree with bc she has a heavy flow). But we all know that might not be the best idea to just 'get the biggest one'. Im sure she doesn't know where her cervix is, i don't even think she knows what it is lol. Anywhoo Which brand do you recommend to my mom? And what extra info do you think i could give her bc at fist she was totally against it before i tried them and loved them.
I was thinking about just getting her a MeLuna bc its cheap and it works for me and i am her progeny so isn't that our best bet? well any suggestions would be helpful : D
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