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Leaking and cramps

Heey, I posted in here a few days ago saying I couldn't get the divacup in while I wasn't on my period and that it was super painful. But I got my period last night so I waited until today to try putting it in again. This time I got it in with barely no pain at all (getting it out was a different story. Still sore down there). I started spinning it and I heard a pop... so I thought that meant it was open. I felt no suction at all, though. So I went to my friends (wearing a pad incase of course) and I don't know... I had HORRIBLE cramps and normally I don't get them too badly. Sometimes I do, but I felt like it was the cups fault, haha, but I've had it out for a least 30 minutes and I still have cramps so I really do hope it's just me and not the cup. I'm a bit upset it leaked, as tampons have never worked for me, but I guess I just need to keep trying. It moved up a bit further than I inserted it myself which is good, I think. It's supposed to move on it's own right? I have NO idea where my cervix is. I'm only 17 and I feel really overwelmed hearing everyone talking about their cervix going in the cup and their hymen (which I don't even know where the heck that is or if mine is even still intact...). I know you're supposed to check where your cervix is when you're on your period since it moves... but I feel unfomortable sticking fingers up there when it's all bloody. I know that's immature but I guess I'm just new to "exploring my body". I don't even feel comfortable masterbating and whatnot because you have to stick your fingers up there and I just don't want to. Haha. I guess I'm just looking for a bit of encouragement. I really, really want this cup to work (since I need it to for my vacation). I'm happy I could get it in, since that's a step. I just need to perfect the art of getting it in properly. :| Sorry this so long with no real purpose. I just needed to ramble on about this somewhere! Thanks. :)

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