Chasechik (chasingtides) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cold Fingers!

I'm loving my Lunette cup. It's amazing and it's saving me so much money in menstrual products. (I calculated it out - in 12 months, almost a whole month's rent!) In the past year, I've managed to figure out how to use it while traveling, how to empty it neatly and cleanly in the office bathroom, how to clean it in a way the works best for me (microwaving). I love it and could never go back to pads.

However. It's back to serious winter here again and I've come back to one of the issues I had when I first got my cup. Freezing cold fingers! Icy fingers in my vagina are not pleasant.

I deal with cold extremities through the year, but especially in the cold weather months. I wear simple handwarmers when I can (not always possible at the office) but obviously I have to take them off to remove the cup. And while in fall/spring, running my hands under hot water can help, a) it's not always possible and b) I would have to really soak them in hot water to get them up to a comfortable temperature which isn't really an option. In the morning, I empty the cup in the shower, so I can warm up in there, but at the beginning of my period, I empty it at least three times a day and oh, my fingers are so cold.


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