piponga (piponga) wrote in menstrual_cups,

2,5 years without problems; now new cup - and leaking

I am 18 years old and I am from Germany... I have been using the large Lunette for 2,5 years now - without problems..
sometimes it leaked a little bit, but I have a heavy flow and so I did not care about that ! It was much more comfortable than tampons anyway, and I neveeeer want to go back to use tampons !
Now my Lunette cup cracked where the holes are, and everytime I folded it, the crack became bigger, now it is extended til the first measure line.
Luckily I had - just in case - another large Lunette, so when the old one started to leak yesterday ( I suppose the seal was broken because of the large crack!), I exchanged the cups...
Now the new cup leaks and leaks, I just do not know why.
I insert the cup like the other 2 years, it pops up and I can feel the seal when I remove it...my cervix is in the cup (like it used to be with the old cup, too), it is everything the same...the only two things I noticed:
1. The old cup became a little bit oval, the new cup is round like it should be. I think the old cup just adopted to my cervix ;)
2. My old Lunette became really squashily, comparing to the new one I would say that the new one is really stiff!
I am not sure if these could be the reasons for the leacking problem, because I never had any problems!
So could that be the problem? How do I solve that? I mean, now I am on my lightest day, the heaviest days I managed to use the old cup without problems, but after the heavy days the crack became bigger...but my next period wont be lighter just because I have a new Cup xD

And then I have another question: I sent an email to kukuppi, thats where I bought the cups, because it is really annoying that the cup cracked after 2,5 years and I always cleaned it like they recomended it, I cannot imagine why it would crack after 2,5 years...so any experiences if they replace the cup?

Now I am thinking about another cup for the emergency case, a Fleurcup because they hold more and I just want to try another one and I like the colours ;) ;)

I hope you can help me and thanks for answering!


ps.: I am sorry for the grammar mistakes and so on, my english is not that good .

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