Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Goat Friends

Does it really hold more?

Due to my impressive, impressive flow, I'm considering getting a larger menstrual cup to make said bleeding more manageable. A menstrual cup doesn't hold any particular convenience advantage over a tampon if I'm filling it in less than an hour every day for 5 days.

For comfort reasons, I also need a cup that's at most 50mm long from rim to base. (I currently have a small Mooncup UK, and it's long enough to be sometimes uncomfortable.) Based on this comparison chart, it looks like either a small Fleurcup or a small Lunette would be the best fit for my needs.

My only concern is whether either the Fleurcup or the Lunette actually holds more than the Mooncup UK. The chart lists the Mooncup UK's capacity to the holes as 12-13mL. However, maybe because of suction, my Mooncup fills well past the holes; the times I've measured, I've reliably been able to empty 22-25mL of blood from it (depending on how much sticks to the sides as I dump). The capacities for the small Fleurcup and the small Lunette are listed as 20mL to the holes. If those are their maximum capacities, then I'm probably better off sticking with my Mooncup. However, if they can actually hold 25mL or more -- for example, if they can fill up past the holes -- then it might make sense to try one of them.

TL;DR -- Anyone have experience filling both a Mooncup UK and either a Fleurcup or a Lunette with blood? In practice, what's the maximum capacity of the small Fleurcup and/or the small Lunette?
Tags: brand comparisons, femmecup, heavy blood flow, lunette
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