godsinstrument (godsinstrument) wrote in menstrual_cups,

LadyCup wins!!!

My LadyCup Lotos arrived today! I got it for $20.50 CAD on Ebay, and it arrived in 6 days! In any case, I've been a happy Diva user for several years, but decided that a shorter, fatter, squishier cup with bigger holes would be better, and honestly, I like the colours. :-D In any case, I've been using a Diva small, and as advised on here (thanks!!!) I got a LC large. It's absolutely fantastic! I don't think I even need to trim the stem. I had absolutely no troubles with insertion or popping open. A teensy bit trickier to get out since it's more slippery, but really not that bad since I know the tricks. Might be harder if you'd never done it before though. In any case, I'm very excited, and I plan to post comparison pictures between my LC large and my Diva small, it's interesting, but for now (since my Diva is looking a little brown and not-so-nice right

now) I'll just post pictures of the new one! Enjoy!

(sorry for the brightness from the flash in the first one, I didn't notice it until I put them on the computer)

Yayyy!!! :-D
Tags: coloured lady cups, diagrams & pictures, lady cup
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