melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Divacup Video Contest!

Ok, you know I just had to post about this, lol. I hope this is allowed, because I'm excited to share this with everyone. I just got an email from the Divacup company. They are holding a video contest. Details are here:

There are first, second and thrid place prizes. All finalists get a Divacup, divawash and they get to be on the Divacup YouTube channel! It says first place is a Flip Mino HD Video Camcorder. Second Place $100 gift certificate to Whole Foods Market or to Thrid place is $75 gift certificate (for the same stores).

I would say I'm a total cup video geek, haha. But hopefully I can get some other members here to do the same. I read the contest rules, they just want contestants to be creative and playful with their video. I say we get our cameras rolling and have a little fun with it :)

PS-- I'll probably enter... Maybe... But if by some miracle I happen to win one of the top 3, I promise I will donate the cup and wash part to someone who has never used a cup, seeing as how I don't need a new Diva quite yet :)
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