dandan04 (dandan04) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Still loving my LilacCup

I just wanted to post saying how much I still think cups are awesome. I had my third run with mine, and I'm really pleased I had it.

I skipped a period because I changed pills, and then my partner and I had an accident, so I was really looking forward to getting Aunt Flo to visit. And come she did, right on time, only with extra mega cramps this time. And gosh, was day three a gusher! I have a fairly light period generally, but I guess the double period hit with a vengence. I usually only have to check once in the mornings and evenings, but that afternoon I felt a worry I might leak, and checked my cup. Not so much a check, as an explosion of blood on to my hand. :P I kind of had a big laugh over it, cause I wasn't expecting it, must have sounded weird to my housemates. :) Anyways, I guess I'm still learning about removing my cup carefully, but I'm so glad I had it, cause my large lady was full, and I would have struggled to cope without her. Hooray for cups!

Also, I finally managed to broach the subject of cups with my mum, and she took it really well. I was worried because we don't usually talk about these things, for puberty she dumped a book on my bed and ran away. Not only was she a bit interested, but said she had even heard of them before! I showed her the pamphlet I made, and she liked it, so I feel so validated now. :) Even though she doesn't need one anymore.

She also asked if I managed to convince any friends to use one - no luck yet. But my doctor is interested, so he'll get some pamphlets, and hopefully let me put some in the waiting room for others. :)

Thanks for letting me share!
Tags: doctors, family & friends, lady cup, success stories

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