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Hey all,

Okay so I purchased a Diva Cup today. I'm 17 and a virgin so I got the smaller one... But I cannnnnott get it in. Like, I've gotten it pretty far, but I can't get the stem to be even with the opening of my vagina. I was literally screaming in pain, lol. I still hurt down there. Probably the most painful thing my vagina has ever had to go through. I need tips on how to get it in because I need to get the hang of this quickly! I'm going away for christmas and my friend wants to go to a water park and tampons dont work for me and I'm positive I'll have my period when we go so... I should have got my period like, yesterday but it hasn't come yet so I'm trying it before I have it. I did the 2nd fold the intructions said to use but honestly, it is KILLING me! :| Please help!

Also, I bought the soap stuff you're supposed to clean the cup with... could I use that for lubrication or is that bad since it's soap? Haha.
Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion - painful or problems, virginity

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