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okay, i need advice

So, this is going to be long-winded and very TMI but that seems to be ok here, so here goes my epic (struggle) :
Found out about menst. cups off Apartment therapy of all places but i was intrigued and pissed that there was another alternative that no one told me about. So of course right off the bat I want it to work and I order my diva, the small one. So I wait till my period and try to insert. First some background, I ordered the small because although I am 31 I am a lesbian and have never had sex with a guy and I figured large would be too big because I sometimes have problems with the super tampons. So i was right, only the small diva still seemed HUGE. ok, so first time around I was able to get it in after about 4 or 5 tries and i ended up sleeping with it in, however getting it out was an experience. But i have been lurking on this site for about 2 months now and i loved reading about all the advice, the bearing down bit worked and I was able to get it out. Then after that first time there were many tears of frustratioin trying to re-insert. I would try in tub, in shower, with lube without, sitting down, standing up, it just WOULD NOT GO IN. I am cursing my lady parts and wanting to throw the cup in my disposal to cause it the most pain........So,that was last period and I only used it once after that (finally able to get it in) because the next time I wore it after about 5 hours I started getting this pain in my lower back, but lower than that sort of inside and to the back, so once it was gone that residual ache was there for the next day.
At this point I will say that I wanted it to work so bad cuz i didn't leak at night and didnt have to worry about it being in. So, in between that period and this one i decided to go with an even smaller cup because flow for me is not an issue, i will have one heavy day but nothing major, I order my Yellowcup off ebay and yesterday was my first try. I had been practicing my folds and I went with the origami and i was able to get it in first try. YEAH, so proud. I think for me the trick was to be on the toilet and insert like I would a tampon, oh and that trick about the open mouth is so true, as I find myself tensing up. I had one problem with the stem hitting and I could't get it to go farther up in, so this morning I insert and tried to get it farther up so the stem wouldn't bother me and I did I was so proud of myself. Ok, so problems : suction. My lady parts are not amused. Ok so as a joke I told my girlfriend the Diva was very much a Diva and we didn't get along so well but the Lady was a lady and she was very accomodating however things turned sour when I asked her to leave :)
Right, so when I go to get it out I am feeling something in the cup, is this my cervix? I mean I shouldn't feel anything in the cup when i push on the base right cuz its just fluid right? I had to take it out just now and i couldn't put it back in cuz I have had the severe lower pain again for the last hour, what is causing this pain? Also, I went to take it out cuz it kinda felt like it was leakin which would be first and when I finally got it out it was only like halfway full, what is going on here? Obviously i want this to work so bad because I detest the alternatives and I feel like i had some sucess with the Ladycup getting it inserted so easily (compared to Diva) and now i feel like i have exchanged one set of problems for another.
Once again sorry for the novella but I felt like it was finally time to post about my experiences to date and get some feedback, you ladies are awesome for helping out with this steep learning curve, I would never have made it this far without all the encouragement, info, and advice.
Tags: divacup, lady cup, teething troubles

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