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questions on measuring and cleaning... and a little trick to getting it to pop :D

I wasn't intending to post until my period's over but I have a couple of questions that have come up. I've been using my cup for the last few days for the light spotting that I get (for some reason, I've started spotting for about 4 days beforehand instead of one for the last few cycles but with a cup now its no great deal). I've started bleeding properly today and I came across some things.

I deliberatly got a cup with measuring lines, as I'm really curious to know how much I actually bleed. But my question for those who also measure, where do you take the measurement from? I know it seems silly but I was suprised by how much plasma/other stuff there is(if thats what it is, I assume so as it's floating on top and is the same colour as my plasma when I donate so thats the conclusion I came to) so I was wondering if people measure the whole thing, or just the red cells part.

I also wondered what people think about washing my cup with a normal, scented, bodywash and rinsing REALLY well before reinserting. I'm asking because stupid little me forgot to budget for a more suitable product when I did my shopping last week. So do you think its better to wash with what I've got and rinse really well, or just not worry about it? I wont be able to get anything until next week is all so I would like to be able to clean it. To nbe honest, if consensus is to just rinse with water I'll be ok with doing that. I'd just like to wash it if I can.

although I have sensitive-ish skin I have never had a yeast infection or anything so I'm not exactly prone to getting them.

And I'm sure I'm not the first to come up with this, but I wanted to share. I've only had trouble with getting the cup to open really. insertion and removal is easy for me (I'm very lucky I've got it so easily!). I've been using the punchdown as it inserts easiest, but is stubborn about opening. So a couple of times I've used the C fold which is harder to put in but opens easier... anyhow, I've found that if it won't pop after a bit of poking and prodding, I can put my finger alongside it and push the wall away from the cup. This lets the air in I guess and I feel it open up.

so thats it for now. I've been for a swim with my cup in and havent had a problem, I've just emptied it to go for a run as well so I'll see how she holds up to that.
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