nocturne_wolf (nocturne_wolf) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Whoo-hoo! LadyCup has arrived!

Hey, all. This morning after working out at the gym I picked up my LadyCup package from the post office. When I arrived home, one of my aunts who's a nurse was also there. I showed her the cups (seeing it was a double set I ordered) and she agreed they were cute, but made a face when I told her what they were and their function. I guess not all who work in the health field are familiar with this product.

Anyway, I took them out of their bags (ain't they cute? :) ) and placed them in a Tupperware, filled it with filtered water (ain't no way I was gonna use the tap), and popped a lid on and placed the whole thing into the microwave for 5 minutes. After draining the water out, I took the container and the cups and headed to the bathroom. Once my hands were thoroughly cleaned (I used sanitizer), I sat on the toilet and attempted to insert the large cup. It was hard to keep it folded as I tried to insert it where my cervix was located, and didn't maintain suction no matter how hard I tried. I then realized for now it was too big (plus I'm not yet 26), and cleaned my hands again, and tried again, this time with the small cup.

Took a bit of practice, but I eventually got it to sit in place, completely unfolded. My only problem was the stem bothering me every time I stood up or walked around. After trimming it and keeping only a small stump behind, it felt a lot better.

Lastly, seeing my cervix is already in position for my cycle (which will probably be in a couple of days) was a bonus 'cause the cup is pretty much where it will be once the cycle does hit. Nothing's really bothering me during this dry run, with the exception that I'm s-l-o-w-l-y getting used to the feel of something sitting down there. Other than that, nothing painfully uncomfortable. :)
Tags: dry run, lady cup
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