Sarah B. (running_farmer) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sarah B.

my new meluna!

oh my gosh, guys! my meluna came in the mail from femininewear (SUCH a great buying experience, by the way) while i was away for thanksgiving! i got a small blue meluna with a ring. so cute!

so i sanitized it within ten minutes of taking it out of the package so i take a dry run, haha. i used the seven fold, it seemed like it wasn't popping open so i took it out and tried the c fold. there we go! it popped open and i was surprised how far up in my vagina it went naturally (i didn't have to kegel it up there at all). it felt like it was sitting right beneath my cervix, and except for the "oh hey i just put something in my vagina" feeling, i couldn't tell it was there. taking it out was not so pleasant. i have short fingers, it was way up there... i was sitting on the toilet half-laughing, half-cursing my vagina as i tried to simultaneously push and pull the cup out. that suction is serious business, y'all! i eventually got it out but now i am pretty sore. i'm not a virgin, but i haven't had sex since august and it is kind of difficult to get two fingers in there (also i have never used a cup before in case you couldn't tell). i tried to get the smallest cup possible; does my body just need to get used to it? should i go have some more sex (not opposed to this plan, lol)?

overall, though, it was a good experience. i'm actually excited to get my period!

a big thank you to this community and everyone in it, it has been so, so helpful :)
Tags: dry run, first time use, meluna
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