hnordland (hnordland) wrote in menstrual_cups,

1st diva period and all is wel

i have to say i was a bit unsure when i found this "cup" product. it took me a long time of research and reading this group's forum before i made the plunge.

this is day 4ish of my period and i am hooked, no issues putting in or taking out, i must have bought the right size for my body (over 30 mom of two). i am a heavy bleeder so i have to dump every 2 hours right now, in the beginning of my cycle it was every 10ish. happy to report no leakage yet!

i have become a sort of cup advocate to my friends at work and my family (husband getting sick of details let me tell you LOL)

i think that even if you are unsure and uncomfortable you should make the jump like i did and buy yourself a cup (mine's the diva 2) get familiar with your body and the fit during your cycle, dry runs are a MUST, i spent days off and on with mine in getting used to the feel.

i have to tell you that you ladies made my decision and my purchase and this transition sooooo much easier than it would have been trying to wing it on my own, thank you very much!
Tags: divacup, first time use, success stories
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