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Help-suggestions for a new cup

Hi, I've been around a while so you've probably seen my leak problem posts.
I've decided to try yet another cup to see if I can find the 'perfect' one for me:-) I'd like your help this time as last time I didn't ask for help & I'm still in the same 'boat'(still leaking w/lg. ladycup).

My 1st cup was lg. diva. It leaked badly. When I turned it inside-out it got better but still leaked.
I figured out my cervix sits low & I always felt the diva was long so that's why I tried the lg. ladycup.

It leaks also! I'm thinking w/the holes so low on the cup + my cervix sitting in it, the capacity just does not cut it.

What do you think?

I'm considering a fleurcup b/c of it's larger capacity & higher hole placement, but I live in the US.

Thought about a Yuuki but it's long.
Considering a lg. Lunette....tho capacity isn't much more than lc.

? Would a shorter w/larger capacity cup work better than my lg. ladycup if the holes are placed high? Reason I ask is, it seems w/my cervix in the lc & the holes being low it leaks. If the cup could hold more, & the holes are higher up than the lc holes, but shorter.....ummmm, what do u think?

And what about a narrower cup? I've read somewhere if it's too wide the walls of the vagina may put pressure on the holes causing it to leak. So would a narrower cup like the MPower lg. work better even if the capacity is the same as the ladycup?

I never thought I'd think this much over my MOON:-)
Sorry this is so long..........

Thanks for your help in advance,
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