the electric mayhem (chevycamaro) wrote in menstrual_cups,
the electric mayhem

Hi everyone!

So I've just started my third period with my cup, and I'm a devotee. I have noticed a few things though:

1) My cup has taught me a lot about my body - where my cervix is, for one. I was using the punch-down until yesterday, actually, and it was agony. I had to wait for the cup to pop open or try to pop it open by poking and prodding it, after which it would brush and jar painfully against my cervix as it popped open. Finally I tried the origami fold which (thank goodness) seems to have solved the problem.

2) Onto my real question: On the first full day of my period - every cycle I've used the cup - I have this weird problem with fluid. The cup doesn't leak. But I get that gushing sensation that is tell-tale of the cup leaking, but when I check, I've just leaked out TONS of this clear, watery, odorless fluid. It's not such a big deal, I just stick some toilet paper in my underwear, but it's nerve-wracking because it feels EXACTLY like the cup has leaked. And there is so much of it. Anyone have any ideas what this is/if there's anything to do about it/similar experiences/etc? It only happens the first day of my period and then nothing, the seal of the cup has not broken, and there are no cramps or symptoms associated with it. I'm so confused!

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