poppyfs (poppyfs) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need some encouragement please! - Suction nightmare

I have only been using the Mooncup for a few days, and I've managed to get over most of the initial problems, like inserting and leaking. I really want to get the hang of this as I have polycystic ovary syndrome, meaning my periods are unpredictable, long, and heavy, so the cup would suit me so much better than anything else. Also, I have never found tampons all that comfortable, and it's such a relief to realise that other people have this problem too - I had just assumed that there was something wrong with me, rather than there being something wrong with tampons themselves.

Anyway, my problem is removal. I have been trying some of the advice posted on here, but nothing seems to work. Each time I do it is horrible and painful, because the suction seems SO strong. By the time I get it out I feel so sore and battered that I can't bear to put it back in straight away. Basically, in order to break the suction I have to somehow get the base of the cup out (a combination of bearing down and painful tugging), then with one hand hold on to the stem, and with the other reach up to the rim and try and bend it in. I've tried 'walking' the cup down, and I've tried folding it inside me, but the suction just won't break unless I really wrench it.

Can I make the little holes in the cup bigger, or will this ruin the cup? Also, I have cut half the stem off, and think all of it needs to go, as it rubs and contributes to the soreness. But because of my removal nightmare I daren't, as dragging on the stem is the only way I can get it out.

Thanks, I'd really like to learn how to make this easier!

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