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Hey again everyone. I posted a couple weeks ago its about 4/5 posts down if you're looking in the leaking and spotting section...
I am DOUBLE CHECKING that my cervix is indeed in the cup
I am using the punch down fold instead of the C fold [which i prefer]
I am trying EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to ensure that i am inserting this thing exactly right and i am ready to take it out and throw it RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW! the thing is leakin leakin leakin!

i used to be excited reading all the success stories and now they just DEPRESS me, :(

This is my 3rd period with the DivaCup. I have never worn it alone [thank God because that would be a disaster every time], i still have to wear a pad with it. And I'm just thinking to my self, "am I really buying pads right now?? the one thing I am trying to ELIMINATE from my life?" SIGH!!!

I need some help and encouragement, because I am ready to give up on this thing! :(

PS. I can't buy another brand/size right now and for some straaaange reason it did not leak on the first day [only] of my period this month giving me hope and then SNATCHING IT RIGHT BACK! :(
Tags: divacup, insertion, leakage & spotting, seal & suction
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