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Hi ladies:) I've been doing a lot of reading on this board the past few days and I am so hopeful that you all can help me....

I am a 30 year old mom of two. I decided to give the diva cup a shot last month mainly out of desperation as it was my 1st postpartum period after the birth of my 2nd child and tampons weren't working at all. I would leak in a matter of minutes and the tampon would be virtually dry. With my age and having birthed two children I went for the size 2 diva. I didn't start using it until day 3 of my period and at that point the flow was at a minimum. The first day didn't go so well with leaking issues and I was wondering what I had gotten myself into, but the next day I finally got it to work with no leaks (even though there wasn't much left at that point) and was ecstatic. I was actually looking forward to trying it again from the start of my flow the next month and was a little bummed that I was 2 weeks late (still breastfeeding at 14 months and hormones are still wacky!)! So I start from day 1 this month and this is day 3 and let's just say I am so ridiculously close to throwing it off the balcony and never looking back! I've spent more time in the bathroom in 3 days than one should have to spend in months. My flow is extremely heavy this month and already on day 3 it's not letting up where as last month I was close to being done. I don't think that's the problem though as the cup isn't really even filling up. I've read as much as possible, watched the youtube video on insertion and pretty much tried everything. I did get it to work leak free for about 4 hours the other night before bed after trying all the "tricks", but after starting again the next morning I was back at square one. I'm inserting it towards my tailbone, I'm feeling all the way around to make sure it is popping open and it is, I'm pushing it in and out a few times as well to make sure it's suctioned, I trimmed the stem one notch so that I could try and wear it lower without poking. This morning I went 30 minutes without the dreaded warm rush instead of a couple of minutes like usual so it seems to be working for a short time before something malfunctions. I'm starting to think (sadly) that maybe even the large diva is too small after childbirth:( Even when I place it as low as possible it rides up a lot when I go to take it out, even in a short amount of time. After wearing it overnight it goes up so high that I almost panic. Thankfully a few pushes and I can find it. Is it worth giving the large lunette a try since it seems to be bigger? I'm tempted just to give sea pearls a try and giving up on a menstrual cup all together as my patience is wearing thin and I'm sure my 2 kids are as tired of mommy being in the bathroom as I am! Any advice?? TIA:)
Tags: first time use, leakage & spotting, postpartum

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