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Chalk up one more happy new cup user

They put something in the silicone to make people less inhibited talking about their vaginas, I swear, because I wasn't going to make an "I'm sooooo happy about my new cup!" post. And yet here I am.

After a month or so of research (mostly done on this comm), I took the plunge and bought a Diva 1, since that was the most readily available to me in the States. As I waited for my period, I tried playing with it while I was at the computer almost like a stress toy to make it less intimidating! I think it worked, because when the time came to insert it I was a pro at folding.

This is only day three, but I haven't had a single trouble inserting or removing yet (unless you want to count pinching my vag skin with my fingernails against the cup during removal, which I'll blame on long fingernails and not much experience). I've found that my cervix is WAY to the left, but even so I've gotten it into the cup with a good seal every time. I've been removing it in the shower so as to reduce any messes, but I haven't had ANY! I'm so proud of myself. If I had a little shower chair I'd probably insert it in the shower too. I usually take two showers a day because, well, I like showers. The stem used to poke, but I clipped about 4mm of it and now it's fine, although I suspect the Diva is just a hair too long for me.

I'm soo happy with the cup. I think it's fantastic that the skin lining my vagina isn't dry and rough from stuffing absorbent crap up there all day every day. I've been having chronic problems with intimate lubrication, and I think that not using tampons a week out of every month will do a LOT to counteract that. I imagine that being more comfortable with my body will also help, particularly knowing that the cervix changes position as the month goes on--I used to get so freaked out that sex would feel different depending on the time of month, and now I know that it was just the lower cervix popping out and going "HEY GUISE CAN I PLAY TOO?!"

I think I'm going to be getting a smaller cup, because so far on what is normally my heaviest overnight I haven't come CLOSE to the 7mL line on the Diva, going from about 10pm to 6am. The stem also sticks out quite a bit on me, even after I kegel up. I'm currently bidding for the 2pack (1 large 1 small) Lilac cups on eBay, and I'm the high bidder, so if you're in bid wars for them let me win please. :P

Like any new cup wearer, I do have a few questions I hope you lovely ladies can answer:

(1) I normally wear a Nuvaring, and usually have to insert it a day or two before my cycle is over. Aside from seeming like it'll be a bit crowded in there, what is the best way to REMOVE the cup without pulling out the Nuvaring? I remove while I'm in the shower so no worries about it dropping in the toilet, but since my entire vag is angled sharply to the left getting correct positioning on the darn thing is a hassle ANYWAY.

(2) I got some feminine wipes to keep with me in case I have to remove my cup in public and don't have the luxury of a sink in the stall with me. They say that they are gentle enough for ladybits, but are they gentle enough for the INNER ladybits? I've only had one yeast infection in the two and someodd decades I've been alive and I'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible; it was not an enjoyable experience that I'd love to relive again and again. I'd like to avoid taking a bloody lump to a public sink to rinse, but I'll do it if it means avoiding a yeast infection caused by residue from feminine wipes.

(3) I don't expect this to be a problem since I've had no problems thus far, but what is a good water-based lubricant that I can use in case I need one? It turns out that all the personal lubricants I have are silicone-based.

Thanks, ladies, and THANK YOU for such an informative community! I probably never would have gotten the courage to buy and use a cup without the wealth of information available here.
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